Small sized badges (approx. 25mm)

These 3 are metal printed and have blue bordered sides and no backing ring.

Metal printed with no backing ring.

These have all got a blue/purple border around the edge


Fan Made

I am not really sure what these are. I am pretty sure they are not official. I think they are fan made, but might have been given out/sold at expo's at some point.
They are definitely very cool and very well done.

These are basically counterfeits of what I assume where unlicensed buttons from the 80s

Scans do not do these marple (half-)ball-like pins much justice. They are actually pretty good looking.

Allthough VERY well made as with all the above fanmade items, I assume this pin is fanmade as well.

Square badges

Medium sized (approx. 32mm)

Medium sized (approx. 37mm)

Large sized (approx. 54mm)

Large sized (approx. 58mm)