Determined Productions Inc. US, 1984 'Rock Stickers' Stickers
Not sure if the sticker comes from the packeges shown below. The info on the front is placed in the bottom rather than to the sides of the sticker in the packages. Sorry for the poor scan!

Immagginazione Stellare, Monaco England
Not sure if this sticker is made by this company, but I have this similar

Unknown US, 1988 'Glow-in-the-dark' Stickers
I am not sure about these, but they seem 'Glow-in-the-dark'-like. I have these 5.

Unknown US, 19XX 'MacTac' Stickers
I call these 'MacTac' stickers because that is what the backings says. I believe that it is merely just the manufacturer of the actual adhesive paper/sticker product. Stickers with backings that says 'Fasson' I believe was made in the UK. I have these 4:

Hard Attack ?, 1993 Stickers
I am not sure about these, but I think that they are from a magazine called "Hard Attack".

Unknown (?), 1993 (?) Stickers
I believe this came from a sheet of stickers that came with a magazine.

Unknown UK (?), 1993 (?) 'Real Live One' Sticker

If you know of any other Iron Maiden postcards, or know something else about these please contact me.