Merlin Uk - 1996
Set of 100 cards and 2 promo cards. This set consists of 40 cards (16 of which form a puzzle of The Trooper), 20 sticker cards, another 20 stickers with shaped images, and last but not least; a set of 20 tattoos. There is also a German Promo card.

Cards #'s 1 - 24

"The Trooper" puzle card #'s 25 - 40

Sticker Card #'s 41 - 80

Tattoos #'s 81 - 100

To my knowledge there is 4 different wrappers. Mine is not in good shape, so excuse my pictures.

German promo cards
I have no idea from where these originated.

If you know of any other Iron Maiden postcards, or know something else about these please contact me.